New Seminar Descriptions

Technology in the Workplace - Whatís new in communication technology?  If youíre not sure, this two-day seminar is for you. It covers video-conferencing, teleconferencing, data conferencing, and GroupSystems. GroupSystems and video-conferencing will be demonstrated.  Gain the competitive edge: Learn what's new.

Gender Communication:  "He Says, She Says" - Men and women don't communicate the same way.  Do you want your company's employees to learn about these gender differences?  If so, plan to attend "He Says, She Says."  The Gender Communication seminar looks at differences between men's and women's communication styles.  And it examines the problems that occur because of these differences.

International Communication - Thinking about growing your business overseas?  If so, this seminar is a must for you. Many business deals are never made because of differences between them (business people in other cultures) and us. Learn how international companies overcome the differences by changing their (communication) style.

Business Etiquette:  You Cannot Not Communicate! - If business etiquette is important to you, donít miss this seminar.  Learn whatís acceptable--and whatís not--in formal and informal business settings.

Listen Up! - Listening is vital to an organization's success. Listening is vital to your success.  Attend this seminar to improve yourself and your organization.  Learn and apply seven steps for becoming a better listener. Listening is the key to good communication, so Listen Up!

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