HPJ Communication Specialists
3251 Wayzata Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55461-4533
Telephone (612) 555-0418

Ms. Natasha S. Parker
President & CEO
E-mail: parkerns@thomsonlearning.com
Ext. 1200

Ms. Helen St. Claire
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: stclaiha@thomsonlearning.com
Ext. 1276

HPJ Communication Specialists is comprised of five branches located around the U.S.
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A list of upcoming seminars offered by HPJ is also included.

Dallas Branch
Jamal Carter, Manager

New York Branch
Serena DeCosta, Manager

Denver Branch
Steven Powell, Manager

San Francisco Branch
Miguel Lopez, Manager

Minneapolis Branch
Erika Thomas, Manager

Employee Bios
Link to Upcoming Seminars

e-mail us at: hpj@thomsonlearning.com DDDDD